Skywatch Carrying Pouch

Solid, durable nylon pouch for your Xplorer windmeter. Fits devices of any Xplorer generation, thanks to solid nylon with additional velcro closing it gives best protection to your windmeter, which will serve you much longer.

This sleek carrying case with Velcro flap for secure closing was designed specifically for Skywatch's series of anemometers, one for the Xplorer series, one for the Geos 11, and a larger one for the Eole/Meteos anemometers. Featuring tough padded material, durable stitching, velcro flap to secure your Xplorer in the pouch, and a stylish look made just for Skywatch instruments, this case will help extend the life of your new anemometer. You depend on your Skywatch high-precision weather instruments to tell you what's happening with the weather out there; Now you can depend on this unique case to help protect it.


SKU: XP-10

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