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MK4 spar set for the Optimist. Suitable for sailors from 45 kg

Material: Superior Lanurep spacecraft alloy
Anodized: Top grade hard dark grey

  • MK4 mast (OX25AB4)
  • MK4 45 mm boom (OX35M4
  • MK4 29 mm sprit (OX45M4)

Supplied with rigging pack (OX25):

2 x Nylon top pins
1 x Wind indicator PRO
1 x Dyneema halyard line
1 x Harken ball bearing hook-in block
1 x Windesign 25mm low friction ring
1 x Nylon sprit adjuster handle
1 x 4mm Vectran halyard line
1 x Deck collar with mast sleeve
5 x 2.2mm tack lines
12 x 1.2mm double lacing lines


SKU: OX234M4

    IVA 23% incluído

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