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Chunky Knit single layer beanie constructed from a Merino Wool and recycled Polyester blend for a lightweight, fast drying warm beanie.

Merino wool is naturally insulating through hollow fibres and is naturally antimicrobial, whereas the recycled Polyester is naturally hydrophobic and quick drying, making the perfect combination for a comfortable and warm winter beanie.


  • Ribbed headband/cuff

  • Wide and chunky knit top part

  • Naturally hydrophobic and quick drying


  • 90% Recycled Polyester

  • 10% Merino Wool

Note: We have utilised the use of recycled polyester in some of our products to as a step towards our long term sustainability plan, where we aim to reduce impact on the environment by minimising our dependence on some traditional raw materials that can release harmful chemicals and emissions. Recycled polyester is made from consumer recycled plastic items such as single use plastic bottles and other plastic packaging.


SKU: 134033

    IVA 23% incluído

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