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Cunningham system for Laser® 4.7 and Radial with a spliced 5 mm Dyneema® primary line with a 29 mm Harken Ti-Lite block. Comes with a 4 mm DB-Racing secondary control line, consists of a Dyneema® core and Technora / polyester cover for ultimate durability and grip. The spliced primary line is advised to attach to the top of the vang assembly. Cut at ideal length for direct use and the ability to add a loop handle or braided handle.


Complete your cunningham system with the EX2225 – Spliced mast loop. This mast loop is sold separately and must be attached below the vang assembly.


Laser® is a registered trademark of Velum Limited and Performance Sailcraft Australia Ltd.
This product is compatible with Laser® but is not an original Laser® product.


SKU: EX2200

    IVA 23% incluído

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