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ILCA 4 (4.7) sail approved by World Sailing for all regattas of the international Laser class, EURILCA , ILCA. 

The sail 4.7 (size 4) is the smallest sail in the ILCA sail line. Designed to work with the ILCA 4 lower mast section that has a pre-bend and ideal for lower weight sailors as it offers less sail area and more control compared to the ILCA 6 or ILCA 7. The sail has the same specifications as the Laser 4.7 sail. Sail comes with an ILCA approved class sail button and sail bag.

Mainsail area 4.70 m²
Length 4.21 m
Width 1.37 m
Weight (approx.) 57 kg



SKU: 34-LC-A01

    IVA 23% incluído

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