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Rooster Hot Hands are a revolution in warmth!


Minimalistic lightweight titanium lined 0.5mm neoprene glove. Being made from neoprene, these gloves will give provide some insulation, where the titanium impregnated reflective lining reflects heat back to your body - in a similar way to a survival blanket. Perfect to be used on their own for cycling, walking, running, etc or as a liner to give a heat boost underneath your sailing, cycling, motorbike, skiing and other gloves.


For an added heat boost, pair with our PolyPro™ gloves - see related products.



  • Flexible, adaptable, neoprene gloves with 0.5mm Titanium impregnated reflective layer
  • Ideal layer to wear beneath AquaPro gloves or on their own for an extra layer of warmth in the colder months



  • Composition: 65% Neoprene, 35% Nylon



    IVA 23% incluído

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