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A dual density NBR rubber pad shaped to support the back posture when used in the harness.

The pad has a soft layer, worn next to the body, and a harder dense layer which attaches to the harness with additional support from glass fiber battens sandwiched between the 2 layers, making it more comfortable.

The NBR Rubber moulds well to your back and has a small amount of shock absorption without absorbing a lot of water.

Available in 2 sizes for different back lengths/support levels. Note, both pads sizes will fit in any size harness.

Choose size S (272mm) if you have a short back, approx. below 5 foot 4, or if you want minimal back support.

Choose size L (340mm) for longer backs and maximum support.



  • Dual density back pad
  • Glass fiber batten support
  • Hooked surface at back to attach to the inside of the harness
  • Available in 2 sizes


  • NBR Rubber
  • Glass fiber battens



    IVA 23% incluído

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