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Developed using the same principles as the Aquafleece® tops, these gloves combine the wind protection of a Polyurethane outer layer with the insulation of a fleece inner layer
This full fingered Aquafleece® glove with super grip (Amara) palm protection, gives maximum wind resistance at the back side of the hand whilst still maintaining grip for performance at the underside. Due to the nature of the Aquafleece® fabric, this glove has good manoeuvrability as it is not as bulky as traditional winter gloves that are made of neoprene.  

QUICK TIP: If you have got them wet on saturday and you are sailing on sunday - pour warm water into them and put your hands in - they will be toasty all day!

We recommend either hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry or turning inside out and machine washing on a gentle 30°C wash then tumble drying on a low heat setting.


  • Wind-resistant upper
  • Super Grip coated palms for a positive feel on tiller extensions, sheets and control lines
  • Velcro wrist fastenings for added security and to reduce water ingress
  • 3D shaped palm and fingers
  • Individual finger reinforcement
  • Layer up with Rooster Hot Hands or Poly Pro Hands when it’s really cold!



  • 57% Polyester
  • 14% PU
  • 5% Neoprene
  • 1% Nylon



    IVA 23% incluído

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