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The AIRMESH long sleeve rash top is your ideal companion for sailing adventures! Sail confidently under the sun with our UV50+ protection, shielding you from harmful sun rays. The AIRMESH moisture-wicking armpit panel keeps you comfortable, actively preventing excessive sweating. Lightweight and breathable, this rash top is perfect for warmer days on the water. But that’s not all – it’s a versatile piece, doubling as an extra bottom layer beneath your Long John for added warmth.

This rash top has a snug fit design with flatlock stitching, provides a second-skin feel, ensuring flexibility without compromising on comfort. Crafted from Nylon Lycra 210g, Polyester Lycra 230g and Polyester AIRMESH 160g our rash top boasts a unique composition of 65% nylon, 15% polyester and 20% spandex.

– UV50+ Protection
– AIRMESH moisture-wicking armpit panel
– Prevents sweating
– Snug fit with flatlock stitching

JS – JM – JL – JXL


SKU: EX2542J

    IVA 23% incluído

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