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The most exciting 420 in the world this year is the Blueblue 420 available exclusively in the PORTUGAL through Companhia Náutica. With Harken Carbo blocks and DEM Infused, rudder and centerboard, the Blueblue 420 delivers the kind of speed and performance that brought home gold medals at the Youth World and European championships the last two years running. The Blueblue 420 is as fast as the old Ziegelmayer 420 and both seem to be faster than than the new Ziegelmayer 420. 

First designed from the new digital templates in 2006, and manufactured by the internationally acclaimed Sports-Sails Center of Poland, the Blueblue 420 has already delivered national championships in 16 countries including gold medals at the 2015 Junior Europeans and 2016 European Championships.

420 BlueBlue

SKU: 420BC

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