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Single Extreme High Load Block For Laser/ ILCA.


The A2031XHL-873 is a Laser/ ILCA specific vang block. 


Designed with a custom body which incorporates the Laser/ ILCA vang key to give maximum strength in the smallest package possible. This design eliminates the need for shackles or rope to attach the Vang key. 


XHL Bearing Technology

The XHL range has been designed to deal with extremely high loads without compromising on low load dynamic performance. 


This has been achieved by combining the Allen dynamic bearing technology – twin rows of stainless-steel ball bearings running on a stainless-steel axle – with a plain bearing peek washer. 


The result is a bearing system which can take extreme static loads without damaging the dynamic performance of the ball bearings.  



Max Hunt from Southeast Sailboats who specialises in providing world-class rigging for the Laser/ ILCA has been using the XHL block, he commented: 


“This extremely free running block makes pulling on the vang easier, and the stronger key will ensure that it will cope with the increased loads imposed by the Laser MkII rig. 


By integrating the vang key into the block, the overall length of the block and key is minimised, thereby not compromising the overall vang operating range.


This great block will also help sailors who are currently struggling to pull on enough vang to de-power the sail for the conditions, and in addition, make it easier for sailors who want to take a purchase out of the vang system.” 



  • CNC machined aluminium side cheeks.
  • Replaceable Vang key.
  • ILCA specific design.
  • Precision turned stainless-steel sheave.
  • XHL Bearing Technology. 
  • 1000Kg breaking load (rated to the vang key) 


SKU: A2031XHL-873-B

    IVA 23% incluído

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