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  • Dinghycoach Optimist Technique Video
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    Learn all the ins- & outs about tacking, gybing, starting and all other sailing techniques from world Class Optimist coach Pim Stumpel. The instruction videos are made using the newest technologies like drones, on-board cameras & on-screen animations to get the best angles and shots! T..
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  • Drillbook: The Dingycoach Method
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    The first book with over 75 specific exercises organized by category and difficulty to serve as a guideline and inspiration for coaches and trainers at clubs. The book written by Pim Stumpel & Ben Koppelaar both award winning Dutch dinghy coaches. Pim & Ben have written down all the ex..
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  • History of the Optimist
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    The 130-page history, illustrated by almost as many photos mostly in colour, tells the story of how an 'Orange Crate' from Florida became the junior boat in over 120 countries. It includes an 18-page supplement by Clifford McKay Jr., the first boy to sail the Optimist, with some fabulous photos o..
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  • Optimist Image Book
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    The Optimist Image book illustrates with photo's the fantastic world of Optimist sailing. Matias Capizzano, international sailing photographer, created a fabulous photo book about Optimist sailing. In this 208 page hard cover book, the world of Optimist sailing is displayed in an incredible way. ..
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  • Sail faster 420 DVD
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    Learn how to go faster on your 420 with the help of world champions.  Here you can see some amazing and never seen action shootings of 420 sailing in Lagos, Portugal. Shot with an articulated steady-cam, an underwater cam and an inside boat camera for you to see all the secrets.  ..
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  • The boat whisperer DVD set
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    Advanced Laser® boat handling DVD. Learn the race winning secrets with over 50 min of meticulous analysis, pictures and slowmotion clips from the hands of the Laser® Training Center coach Javier Rulo Borojovich. These DVD’s show the upwind and downwind action with a comprehensiv..
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  • The Secrets of Opti Coaching
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    Optimist racing coach Attila Hodacs reveals 20 years of his coaching experience in this 85 page book. Topics included: The phases of development, how to lead optimist sailors to international level racing Setting up training sessions with different exercises How to improve boathandling ..
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