Foi em 1999 que a Olimpic Sails começou a trabalhar nas velas para esta classe. 

O trabalho de investigação e desenvolvimento é contínuo, para que se atinjam os melhores resultados, e hoje em dia, estas são das mais conhecidas e faladas velas em todo o mundo, consequentemente, são escolha frequente da Federação Internacional da classe para as edições dos Campeonatos do Mundo da ISAF.

Os modelos disponíveis já ganharam muitos campeonatos nacionais, continentais e campeonatos do mundo femininos e masculinos.

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  • Jib 420 radial FAST
    Based on 0 reviews.
    ***New model 2014*** The new jib has 3 battens developed with a fabric, non plastic material called PURE. The design is brand new, focus on providing the best angle without losing power in choppy conditions. The batten's material allows to have the same technical characteristic of the plastic bat..
    Ex Tax: 370.00€ 455.10€
  • Jib 420 SV5
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    ***2014 female World Champion***   Initially, we thought that a single model would be the best and simplest solution. The form of this jib places it midway between the earlier STD and V4 models. The slightly flatter profile in the lower part and fuller in the centre make it easier to trim..
    Ex Tax: 310.00€ 381.30€
  • Mainsail 420 RDL RUSH
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    This model is more powerful in the upper section than the earlier RDL. This ensures that the leech does not open too quickly over 15 knots of wind. Since this sail is very similar in form to the early STD model (cross-cut), we recommend this sail to all those accustomed to that model. As with all r..
    Ex Tax: 700.00€ 861.00€
  • Mainsail 420 XC
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    **2014 female world champion*** New cross-cut. This mainsail is a little leaner than our earlier STD model and has been designed with the aim of offering a sail that is easier to trim. The performance is excellent, especially when used by female or very light crews (110-115 kg). Fabric: Dim..
    Ex Tax: 580.00€ 713.40€
  • Spinnaker 420 AP13
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    ***2014 female World Champion*** A development of the AP8 model, this new version optimises depth with an improved link in the areas of greatest volume. Like the earlier version, it has shown itself to be very fast and stable in all conditions and every point of sail. Compared to the AP10 model, ..
    Ex Tax: 440.00€ 541.20€
  • Spinnaker 420 AP16 BULLIT
    Based on 0 reviews.
    ***New model 2016*** This model is available in the tried-and-tested Ultralight or Ripstop fabrics. Supplied with class royalty and sailbag.   ..
    Ex Tax: 470.00€ 578.10€